NJAPP Guest Contributor - Lindsey Manchess

The day the diet is over or you meet your goal weight those Girl Scout Cookies look even more tempting. Linsey Manchess

NJAPP: I just saw your recent IG transformation post and I said to myself that I needed to get you to share your journey with my readers. I think we should jump right in. How about you share with my NJAPP readers a little bit about yourself?

Linsey Manchess: Hey Hey, I’m Lindsey recently married (June 2018) to my best friend and I know that sounds so cliché and corny but really he truly is my best friend, we have a Fur- baby which we rescued (Adopt don’t shop, trust me they give a different kind of love). We are the very spontaneous, let’s pack our bags, throw the dog in the car and head away for the weekend type of people and honestly I wouldn’t change that about us for the world, but in Fall 2017 my world shook, I was admitted to the hospital for unexplained Pancreatitis. As a medical professional being admitted to a hospital was probably the scariest thing I had ever been through; one because Pancreatitis is unbearably painful, and two because I knew that this was going to be a battle I would have to fight for the rest of my life.

NJAPP: Um I think you need to dish more about your battle with Pancreatitis.

LM: Let me start with my post discharge. I did my research and realized that my eating habits and my weight were the culprit and that if I did not want to end up in the hospital again I would have to buckle down and make some sustainable, lifestyle changes.

NJAPP: There was funny tone to the word, Sustainable. Let pause, and talk about what you mean.

LM: Funny, ok… Sustainable, there is no magic pill, and definitely not a diet of the month that is going to be sustainable for the rest of your life. Trust me, I have tried them, yeah sure, they will help you drop weight; but if you are like myself and some people the word “DIET” is more harmful then it is helpful. The day the diet is over or you meet your goal weight those Girl Scout Cookies look even more tempting, or the bag of chips that you have avoided are so much easier to grab because its ok the diet is over. Let me follow up by saying this is my experience not everyone’s but I am sure I am not alone.

NJAPP: Let us circle back to your post pancreatitis discharge.

LM: The first 6 months out of the hospital I started eating clean, had done some elimination diets, to see what aggravated my pancreas, I miss cheese so much that it pains me to smell it or even think about it, and hitting the gym 4-5 times a week. Walking into a gym, any gym can be scary and nerve racking to some, myself included. How do you lift properly? Do you do cardio before lifting or vice versa? Are people looking at how ridiculous I look? Do I look like an amateur? I should probably lose weight and look better before I try that!  Yup, every time I walked into a gym those questions and thoughts were running through my head so I hung out on the Cardio machines till my “hour” was over then I’d head home regretting not pushing myself and talking all this negative self-talk even though I was doing better than I was doing the day prior.

NJAPP: Durning this time of growth, weight loss and new outlook on your health. Was there anything or anyone that motivated you to keep on going besides the possibility of being admitted into the hospital by another pancreatic attack?

LM: Yes, I truly experienced an eye awaking moment for me was when I got my hands on the “Girl wash Your Face” book written by Racheal Hollis, and chapter 2 titled I’ll start tomorrow. Well if you have not ever heard of this book or have not read it, I highly recommend it, if you don’t have time to read, the audio version is even better because it’s like hearing your best friend lay some hard truths about life on you. No, I am not being paid nor do I work for her, even though that would be amazing, but every woman needs to get her hands on this book.

So, after listening to the book while doing cardio, I found a gym that focused on smaller group sessions with trainers who help you learn the proper techniques and form for lifting weights and how to properly recover and fuel your body.  I had found my new home away from home. Using the equipment or lifting weights at the gym was once my biggest fear and is now my absolute favorite thing to do, and guess what I am 7 months in and don’t look bulky or manly, I am getting stronger and leaner, more muscle equals more fat loss and its SUSTAINABLE fat loss. It is definitely a slower process, but anything worth wild takes time.

NJAPP: You are AMAZE! You gotta dish the deets on the positive changes that you have made and are still making to keep your body healthy. Do you even struggle with falling back into bad habits?

LM: I am currently learning to listen to my body on what it needs, whether it be more sleep, more water, less caffeine, or maybe an extra healthy snack. I focus on making healthy decisions, eating whole foods that I have prepared for my family and myself.  The one thing that I am starting to learn in my journey is: I DO NOT deprive myself of a goodie here or there for special occasions, I have taught myself that 1 cookie satisfies me just as much at 5 cookies or let’s be honest or half a sleeve of Oreo cookies. I have noticed that with me having a list of “Bad Items” or “Don’t go there foods” it makes me focus on only those items all day long! I have gotten to the point where if I crave a cookie I eat the cookie but moderation is key and if I’m craving cookies every day I probably have something else going on. Keep in mind this is coming from the 3 Venti PSL a day with pumpkin bread on the side addict. (Glad I Kicked that expensive addiction, my wallet and my thighs are grateful haha)

NJAPP: WHAT?!?! You used to drink 3 Venti PSL a day?! I think you should treat yourself to the way NJAPP orders her PSL (CLICK HERE)

NJAPP: What can advice can you give to someone who is struggling with body/self/health insercurities?

LM: The biggest advice I can offer and I wish someone had told me years ago before my teenage “I hate my body”, “I hate these thighs”, “Ugh my hair is too frizzy”, is that comparison is the thief of joy and how you speak to yourself key. How you see yourself and your personal journey is how the world will begin to see you. I will never be a super model or a size zero but that is ok, I am not built for size zero jeans but I am also not built for those size 16’s that I have finally donated. The gym is no longer a punishment for me; it is a privilege that I have been blessed. My health is a privilege that I am working on daily to maintain and improve. When I changed my mindset from the gym is a punishment and my heath is given, to both being privileges that most do not have the opportunity to change, it gave me more motivation to push to be a better ME and to do it for ME and only ME. I know that sounds selfish but taking time to improve your health, your fitness, your emotional sanity, will benefit your family, friends, and everyone you meet.

NJAPP: Again, you are amazing and I am so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your story and for your courage to be real.

NJAPP: What is your Go-To snack choice?

LM: My Go To Snack

NJAPP: What would be your Top 5 daily goals/routines that you can share with me?

LM: Here are my Top 5

  1. Wake up an hour before I need to be up

  2. Daily Devotional

  3. Drink my body weight in ounces of H2O

  4. Hydration is Key (I realized at times I was confusing hungry vs thirst)

  5. 15-20 minutes of Personal Development of some sort ( mainly Audio Books or Podcast)

  6. Journal 5 Things that I am grateful for before I go to bed

 NJAPP: Thank you for taking the time to open up and expose. Is there any thing else you would like to add?

LM: I just want to take the time and Thank you, (Giovanna) for all the amazing work you share with us on NJAPP, Not Just a Pretty Plate. Your dedication to your family and your fitness journey has been so inspirational and motivating. Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of my journey on your amazing platform.


Lindsey Manchess

INSTA @Lindsey_Manchess

❊Just a Lady Cheerin On Other Ladies❊


“I choose to surround myself with phenomenal women who are confident and secure enough to know that there is room enough for all of us to shine.” Finding The Fabulous

Your donation allows us to expand our reach by connecting more girls to the Fabulous Sisterhood, providing new, relevant programs and creating partnerships with passionate supporters. [DONATE]


Who wouldn’t want to rise and start your Saturday with a hot breakfast you didn’t have to cook! Join me along with many other FABULOUS women including special guest speaker: Ashley Lemieux, who is the Founder of the @theshineproject & @shopashleylemieux and many others.


This is your opportunity to honor the courage, beauty and kindness that has inspired who we are today. Invite your mom, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker or mentor and nominate them to receive a Fabulous Award. A moment of recognition does the soul good!


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Finding the Fabulous Breakfast Fundraiser Details:

WAYNE, NJ 07470

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

TABLE OF 10 $500

Guess Who is a “Beauty Bar” contributor again?

Healthiest Dressing Recipe [ CLICK HERE ]

AM's Spring Style Must Haves


“Confidence is when everything fits.”

Not Just a Pretty Plate

    ⦿Top handle bags are the 'it' accessory of 2019. Sorry fanny packs, it’s time to move over. 🤫Can you keep a secret? Personally, fanny packs will never go out of style.

    ⦿Neons & Pastels; lime green and lavender are💯


    ⦿Leather- I like to think that leather is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style. Pick up a pair of leather faux shorts and switch up your tops for a edgy spring flare.

  4. STYLE

    ⦿Utility dressing, think army vogue photo shoot


    ⦿X Girl Sunglasses


    ⦿Animal Prints are still roaring! Statement pieces such as skirts , shorts and sneakers.

Word on the street is that these 3 styles are OVER & OUT

  1. Bell sleeves  

  2. Dad sneakers

  3. Oversized Clothing



Style Contributor⤵︎

Antoinette Marie

A.M. Stylin Pro Tip: Hey Ladies, it is time to embrace your shape with your exact size and wear the size that fits your body type, nothing more or less. Goldilocks definitely had the right idea by not settling for just any old bed. Take it from from Goldi, and find the “just right”.


3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ... 2019 is here and, if you are like most, there’s a good chance you didn’t see your 2018 resolutions through to 2019.  If that’s the case, this needs to be the year that you stop looking backwards and start looking forward (a sprinter who looks behind herself will always get passed) and pressing towards the mark.  It’s time to focus on not only achieving your goals but demolishing them.  Close games are nice but nothing beats a 49-0 thrashing by your favorite team.  I have learned that setting unreachable goals/resolutions just sets us up for defeat which will inevitably lead to a self destructive donut binge and the resulting sense of failure and self loathing.  

The good news is you can pick your opponent by setting attainable goals.  Instead of the typical January “lose 20 lbs by Memorial Day” resolution, why not resolve to simply promise to like and value yourself just a bit more than the year before.  Remember, there really is no one like you.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t get me wrong ... losing weight is always a good idea, but building lean muscle is more important, more sustainable and frankly, more aesthetically pleasing and healthy.  You have the power to change and make smart choices and those choices will lead to lean muscle, a fit, trimmer body and 2019 resolution success! Set attainable goals, demolish them and like what you see in the mirror. Make that your 2019 resolution. Happy New Year!




  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.

  2. "she kept her resolution to like what she sees in the mirror.”

  3. “I will try meal prepping for myself for 3 days”

NJAPP’s 2019 Resolutions

  1. I will be proud of the person I see in the mirror everyday.

  2. I will hug my children more each day.

  3. I will be a littler leaner by the time we all hit the Vermont slopes for our family ski trip this February.

  4. Drink more water and less caffeine (well, maybe a little less caffeine-haha).

  5. I will treat each day as a VICTORY not a DEFEAT.

JNA FITNESS  [Alina & Joe Branda] Come workout with me.

JNA FITNESS [Alina & Joe Branda] Come workout with me.





  1. Unplugging your mind from all outlets of your social media world. Taking a break from regularly updating a website or web page, taking an extended leave of absence to enjoy oneself, family and the outdoors all while enjoying any form of recreation, especially one spent away from your home or in traveling.


  1. take a blogcation often

  2. I will be taking a blogcation here and there during the winter months

  3. Taking a blogcation is a must in this saturated social media

  4. To live a balanced life you must schedule a blogcation 2-3 times a year

In the form of a sentence

NJAPP is taking a winter-blogcation, so I will see you some time in the new year! My Life-Break will be spent detoxing from sugar and carbs. My body and mind need a break from social media, and the outside world. Moms set the tone in the house and I am setting one right now. See ya later and have a happy!

2018 NJAPP Approved Hostess Gifts (that are sure to get you invited back)

Photo Credit: Interior design and home decor lifestyle inspiration from,  Nyde

Photo Credit: Interior design and home decor lifestyle inspiration from, Nyde

  1. Window Pane Blanket Scarf: This is a great His or Hers gift, you can even get is monogramed for an even more personal touch. Use this coupon code, GIFTNOW at your checkout.

  2. Gift Card/Certificate:  The hostess deserves a little TLC after all that party planning.  A pre-paid manicure or pedicure is always a nice way to say thank you. Add a magazine for her to browse through during her pampering. The newest trending nail salon in Hoboken, NJ is The V Spot. What girl wouldn't love a new hot spot to go with friends and get your nails done. 

  3. Olive Oil & Vinegar:  Sometimes wine may just get too complicated, but I have never heard of anyone turning down a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil & vinegar. Especially, when you could drink this company’s product right from the bottle. #DELISH  

  4. A Cutting Board: Check out Pottery Barn’s monogrammed cutting board selection. Plus this gift can be used for serving all types of appetizers and the price won’t break the piggy bank.

  5. Post-Party Breakfast:  You can put together a little box filled with some specialty breakfast items such as specialty coffee or tea, speciality breads but a box of soft, pillowy donuts from Montclair Bread Co. is always a good idea. 

  6. Thank You Note:  A simple thank you at the beginning of the night says that you already know that a wonderful time awaits.  Top off the note with a sweet treat from Lolli & Pops. Promo Code: FREESHIP45

  7. Guys like gifts too: If you are looking for a male host gift, may I suggest a custom BBQ Branding Iron by TEXAN IRONS. Guy or girl I think this gift ROCKS!  

NJAPP Pro Tip: If you are unable to grab that gift before the party, have no fear because NJAPP is here.  Simple and easy…Simply send flowers pre or post party.

Gobble without the Wobble

This photo right here☝︎ is 42 & Happy!

This photo right here☝︎ is 42 & Happy!

3 Ways to Gobble without the Extra Holiday Wobble


  1. DRINK

    During the fall and winter months I keep a case of water in my car so that I have NO excuses for not staying hydrated. Grab, Go & Guzzle is my bridge to the New Year.

  2. K.I.S.S.

    Breakfast is a must for me! Seriously, who doesn’t wake up hungry (actually if don’t wake up hungry you probably ate too much last night)? I can (and pretty much do) eat eggs, turkey bacon and a veggie for breakfast everyday, but come November I like to “K.I.S.S.” a whole lot more (wink wink) and by that i mean, Keep It Simple Stupid! My breakfast prep loses priority this time of year so I KISS till the ball drops on NYE. Check out my KISS shake recipe that keeps my wobble tight & right!

    My NJAPP💋KISS Shake Recipe includes a plant based, dairy-free liquid, protein powder and a small piece of fruit. CLICK HERE for recipe.


    Make several “To-Do” lists and cross items off daily. Winning with your weight sometimes takes multiple “To-Do” lists. (Overly simplistic, printable To-Do list format below for your convenience)

NJAPP BONUS TIP: Park and walk for that extra gobble! Sneaking in that extra 10-15 minute speed walk pre-errand, several times a day can really keep your wobble tight. Moms: Don’t forget you can even get that extra 10-15 minute walk around the whole foods or school parking lot too!





Surprisingly, this creepy plate is a very clever way to sneak in vegetables to the kiddies with only a small about of candy that won’t hurt the waistlines of those that are trying to not fall off the healthy wagon. My kiddies loved this creepy dish and they were also thrilled to hear that the “Rotting Brains” was just cauliflower tops and not real brains. Next time you have to bring a dish to a party in October. My vote is for, “Rotting Brains” done NJAPP STYLE.

Blogacation - Summer 2018

"High tides, good vibes" -Unknown

"High tides, good vibes" -Unknown


  1. Unplugging your mind from all outlets of your social media world. Taking a break from regularly updating a website or web page, taking an extended leave of absence to enjoy oneself, family, and the outdoors all while enjoying any form of recreation, especially one spent away from your home or in traveling.


  1. take a blogcation often

  2. I will be taking a blogcation this summer

  3. Taking a blogcation is a must in this saturated social media

  4. To live a balanced life you must schedule a blogcation 2-3 times a year

In the form of a sentence
NJAPP is taking a blogcation, so I will see you in the  FALL! My Life-Break will be spent breathing in and out, gardening with my kids, reading my bible, sitting on my darling husband's lap, laughing with my children, getting my palette a little dirty while balancing my clean eating lifestyle. Moms set the tone in the house and I am setting one right now. See ya later...

Together is a WONDERFUL place to be.

Together is a WONDERFUL place to be.

2018 Summer-Top 5 List

NJAPP's Top 5 Summer List

1. Beauty

  • A royal, refreshing, cruelty free shower bath & moisturizer is a must for my summer bath & beauty regime. Especially, since I have loved "Elderflower" far before the Duchess of Sussex used it in her wedding cake to Prince Harry. Next time you are shopping click this item and add it to your Amazon Shopping cart. If you haven't tried this lotion from Casswell-Massey, I strongly urge you try it and stock up. The Cucumber-Ederflower body lotion is a fav of mine and now this scent will forever remind me of the 2018 Royal Wedding. 

2. Old Fashion Fun

  • In honor of the old film, "The Rookie"; Darling (my husband, Louis) and I will be taking our gooses to experience some good old fashion baseball fun. Who doesn't love a crowd rallying mascot and stepping on empty peanut shells as you are trying to locate your seat. This summer kick off experience will take place watching a minor league baseball game. Get your tickets here: Rockland Bolders play at the Palisades Credit Union Park in Pamona , NY.

3. Sweet Treat

  • What is summer without ice cream, tacos & donuts-right? This summer The Gooses and I will be checking out this sweet spot in Redbank, New Jersey. Apparently, their dessert tacos & cream filled donuts are what the local's order. I think Luigi's Ice Cream will be our new location for #TacoTuesday !

4. Good Eats 

  • I may not be spending my summer vacationing in the Greek Islands, but I will definitely be enjoying those old world classics, in a 21st century way at Dill MED Grill in the Hudson Valley, NY. Did someone say, "Road Trip?"  Follow me this summer as I post fun, healthy places to Eat Smart & Love Life. 

5. Apparel

  • A summer clothing staple like Madewell's Pull-On Shorts are now my ultimate summer favorite slip on shorts. They make you look & feel AMAZING whenever the occasion is for wearing them. You may even want to purchase a pair and going a size up for that comfy feel. These are great slip-on summer shorts that are true size with great color options. 



Mother's Day "SIMPLE & EASY" Gift Ideas

download 2.png




  1. a woman in relation to her child or children.

    "she returned to Bristol to nurse her aging mother"

    synonyms: female parent, materfamilias, matriarch


  1. bring up (a child) with care and affection.

    "the art of mothering"

Cup of Motivation.png
Moms, deserve the best no matter the month, day or year. -Unknown

Here are my 5 SIMPLE & EASY gift ideas for "Mom"

  1. Grab a pen or a pencil and fill out this All About "Mom" Questionnaire: LINK
  2. At home delivery: Coffee & A Classic Subscription⇨ Order Here
  3. Flowers brighten up anyones day. Especially, these beauties from: Farm Girl Flowers
  4. "Mom's life may not be perfect, but her blow out can be" Eric Alt BlowOuts
  5. Make her a homemade cake: Hint here is a super easy recipe⇨ CAKE RECIPE
Mothers DAy sheet.jpg

EMS Food Truck Festival

WYCKOFF, New Jersey   Food Truck Event ● Eisenhower Middle School • Relay for Life

WYCKOFF, New Jersey

Food Truck Event ● Eisenhower Middle School • Relay for Life

5 Reasons To Come Out & Support

2018 EMS Food Truck Festival

ALL proceeds benefit

Relay for Life American Cancer Society

  1. Show the Local Love by supporting local businesses & entrepreneurs 
  2. Spending quality time with family & friends
  3. Outdoor Fun is always a WIN WIN 
  4. Good Eats + Cheat Meal + Dessert = 😊


  • When: Friday, May 4th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm

  • Where: Eisenhower Middle School (344 Calvin Court, Wyckoff NJ)

  • Admission: $5 per person or $20/family (kids 5 & under FREE)

  • BYO: Blanket/Lawn chair 

  • Food Trucks: The Thai Elephant, Luke's Lobster, Callahan's Hot Dogs, Empanada Lady, The Rolling Pita, Oink and Moo, Polkadot Cupcake, & More!

  • ALL proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life - American Cancer Society.

  • Entertainment: The Subourbons ft. EMS Principal Mr. Iasiello on drums
    Carnival Games & Activities
    Human-Sized Foosball & Hero Blast Laser Tag


BOOZY BURBS - Food Hall Event

Food Hall Event  🍴April 26, 2018

Food Hall Event 🍴April 26, 2018

I know that summer is creeping up on us and most of you are getting those strong bodies ready for jean shorts and white tank top season. I know that I am, and a mid-week cheat isn't what my trainer is suggesting. Trust me, I am on a mission to "EAT SMART" anywhere. Follow me as I post about "Eating Smart" at a food event that falls not a cheat day. The Boozy Burbs Food Hall is taking place on Thursday, April 26, 2018 from 5pm to 10pm at The Terrace in Paramus, NJ (293 Paramus Road). This  event will only be open for one night only!

Come out & Enjoy life

Stop feeling like your "DIET" is holding you hostage.

Check out who will be cooking up some fine plates at this event☟

 Vendor Lineup

  1. Biagio’s Ristorante – Link
  2. Aumm Aumm – Link
  3. Empanada Mania – Link
  4. 17 Summer – Link
  5. Kimchi Smoke BBQ – Link
  6. Biddy O’Malley’s – Link
  7. City Perch Kitchen + Bar – Link
  8. Westwood Prime Meats – Link
  9. Callahan’s – Link
  10. Glaze Donuts – Link
  11. Hold My Knots – Link
  12. Russo’s House of Pizza – Link
  13. Dill Fresh Mediterranean Grill – Link
  14. Red White & Que Smokehouse – Link
  15. Kurly Kürtősh – Link
  16. Mr. Cupcakes – Link
  17. Sweet & Flour – Link
  18. Candy Rush – Link
  19. Erie Bakery – Link

Please take note that food and drinks will be priced by each individual vendor. 

☆Admission is free

☆Parking is free 

NJAPP Guest Contributor: My Sissy AKA "Lemon"


NJAPP: I would like to thank you, Antoinette Marie Gallipoli, for taking the time to answer some questions for your trendy-simple sister. I would love for my readers to get to know my trendy-kool sister who how can style like no other and who shares the love of yummy food and fitness like me. Now, let's jump right in!

AMG: Um, Okay and how long is this going to take? JK....I love you, "Lemon-Drop" 

NJAPP: How would you describe your style? 

AMG: Rocker-Chic

NJAPP: What are your MUST-HAVE Spring essentials?

AMG: Distressed white jeans (but ones meant for curvy hourglass shaped women), a white-T or bodysuit, clear pumps, lipgloss, hoops or bangles, but my #1 Spring must-have is this fun Moto style jacket by Blank NYC (available at Bloomingdales). The dusty rose option is the perfect Spring shade.  Well, if Spring ever shows up. 

NJAPP: You mentioned that your jeans are for "curvy" shaped girls. Is there a particular brand you love?

AMG: I am a woman with beautiful curves and I have learned to embrace them by wearing jeans that compliment my body. I happen to love the Fashion Nova Jeans, they are affordable and designed for curvy ladies such as myself. 

NJAPP:  So, being your sister I happen to know that you have a love of tacos.  So what would your typical Taco Tuesday dinner date outfit consist of? 

AMG: Are you for really asking me this question? 

NJAPP: Yes, just answer it! I am trying to interview you (ok maybe i was trying to segway to food!). See this is why working with family is so darn hard. 

AMG: YASSSSS, I love tacos, tacos are my life!

NJAPP: Hard or soft shell?

AMG: Hard 

NJAPP: Do you do taco toppings? and if so, what are your taco toppings must haves?

AMG: Black olives, lettuce & guacamole 

NJAPP: What is your favorite taco restaurant?

AMG: La Esquina in NYC

NJAPP: Please tell my readers what you do? 

AMG: I am a stylist, and I manage the store Envy in Montclair, NJ. Oh and a professional Taco-Taster (wink wink)

NJAPP: Thank you my favorite sissy for answering (tolerating) my questions. Love you more than fennel-xoxo 

AMG'S 4 Spring Fashion Must-Haves

My Kind of Work Meeting

This will be my breathtaking view on June 22-23, 2018 - Come join me! 

This will be my breathtaking view on June 22-23, 2018 - Come join me! 

Guess what?!

I just booked my very first Healthy Living Weekend event and I am pumped! I wish I could write more but I am vamping up my spiritual & physical workouts and I gotta prepare! "SEA"  you soon!

Hashing out ideas with The World For Christ Crusade Team 

Hashing out ideas with The World For Christ Crusade Team 

On June 22-24th 2018 I will be the motivational guest speaker for the annual Healthy Living Event in Ocean Grove, NJ.  Not Just a Pretty Plate will be partnering up with the World For Christ Crusade organization to inspire and motivate through fitness, nutrition & mostly through God’s Word. Info/Tickets contact: World For Christ Crusade 973.728.5048 mlstorms@earthlink.net . My energy level is always an 11 on a scale of 1-10. I am always working on many things for NJAPP to do. Whatever comes my way it will be because of My Faithful Lord, he truly holds my life in His hands and with the help from Philippians 4:23, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.’ I cannot wait to share with all of you about my past and present struggles, meal-prepping, go-to-snacks, double portions and so much more...

Hope to see you there! 


Here are 3 east tips to host a work meeting at home

The main focus of the meeting should be the work and the brainstorming, not the food. 

The main focus of the meeting should be the work and the brainstorming, not the food. 

  1. Do not go crazy or spend a ton of $. Cut up 1 (per 2 people) piece of fresh fruit and arrange it on a pretty plate with a dainty serving fork. 

  2. Make a pot of Herbal Chamomile Tea and pour table side. 

  3. Serve up a tasty sweet treat like my homemade Granola+ in small glass shot glasses. 

Simple & Easy get gets the job done. 

Simple & Easy get gets the job done. 


"God's love is like an ocean; you can see its beginning, but not its end." 

Easter Traditions

This year I decided to give the  PAAS  Natures's Palette Kit a try, and I think it was a success!

This year I decided to give the PAAS Natures's Palette Kit a try, and I think it was a success!

How to cook a "Hard Cooked" Egg

for dyeing Easter Eggs.

Step 1

Gently place your eggs into a all clad stainless steal medium sized saucepan, large enough for the water to cover them about 1 inch above. ADD cold water to cover the eggs by 1 inch. HEAT to boiling.

Step 2

Once your pan/pot has just started to boil, lower your flame to a very low simmer for about 1 minute.

Step 3

Remove pan/pot from your burner, cover the pan/pot and let the eggs stand in the hot water about 15 minutes.

Step 4

Gently drain your eggs immediately, and then cool them completely under cold running water and then place in refrigerator. 

Step 5

Once your eggs are cooled you can start dyeing them. 

NJAPP Pro Tip 1: Hard-cooked egg vs Hard-Boiled egg: The cooking water must come to a full boil in this method, the pan/pot is immediately removed from the heat so that the eggs cook gently in the hot water. This produces tender, not rubbery, eggs and minimizes cracking. Thanks PAAS for the info on "Hard Cooked" eggs. 

NJAPP Pro Tip 2: Do not forget to add a couple extra eggs into your pan/pot, this way you will have some extra eggs already prepped and ready to snack on. 


A Tisket, A Tasket...

Here are 6 things that will be in their Easter Baskets? 

  1. Bunny Shaped Cotton Candy, Peeps, & Bunny Ears Headbands 
  2. A custom molded chocolate bunny from Bromilow's Chocolates
  3. Fun Summer T-Shirt (All the girl cousins will get the same one in their baskets) 
  4. Baseball Cards for my boys from our favorite local store, The Baseball Card Store
  5. New bathing suit for my Elle & swimming trunks for the boys
  6. Plastic Easter Eggs filled with coupons, $ & candy 


Fueling Up at ECB (East Coast Burger)

East Coast Burger 

East Coast Burger 

Healthy Ordering at ECB in Ridgewood 

NJAPP enjoys bringing you fabulous food news so here is a little encouraging menu item for you to reflect upon should you find yourself in the midst of a sudden burger craving.  

The turkey burger at ECB in Ridgewood is always on point in regard to healthy options that are also satisfyingly delicious.  I know how tempting in can be to bite into those velvety cheese covered french fries and that butter brushed cloud like hamburger bun, but there is more to the menu than just a tastebud satisfying (but a waistline sabotaging) cheese burger.  There are a couple of super healthy salads with multiple protein options like their Crunchy Asian Salad and their Ahi Tuna Asian Salad. I would just order their dressing on the side so that you can control how many dressing calories you consume. 

Naked Turkey Burger at ECB

  • NJAPP's ECB Order: Naked (no bun) Turkey burger, green chillies, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and pickles with secret sauce.  and no SAUCE. $11.04 

Green With Ombre

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

St. Patrick's Day is almost here and NJAPP is changing it up this year. I think it is time to move over Lucky Charms and hello! to green ombre veggie crudités. Holidays are fun but can sabotage any healthy clean eater. Normally, I am fine with a little treat here and there but when this mom is trying really hard to stay focused on her health there has to be a limit of those yummy sweet treats that are within ones reach. Sorry Mr. Leprechaun, those cute rainbow marshmallows will have to be enjoyed by another family this year because this Lassie knows she is worth more than gold. Here are a few snacks that my gooses will be enjoying while they are searching for that hidden pot of gold. 

Click ON the items below for more info:    Family Farm Popcorn  ||  Paper Goods  ||  Gummy Bears    

Click ON the items below for more info: 

Family Farm Popcorn || Paper Goods || Gummy Bears




You Are Invited

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CLICK HERE - To purchase tickets

I choose to surround myself with phenomenal women who are confident and secure enough to know that there is room enough for all of us to shine.
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A hot breakfast that you didn't cook is always worth celebrating! Join us to celebrate the fabulous women who have made a positive impact in your life and help us make this Women's History Month one that supports our future female leaders. 


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