The Heavier The Better

It is 3:30 pm as I pass our neighborhood postman (yes, our mail arrives late on a daily basis) on my way back home from picking up my gooses from school.  I “Danica Patrick” it down my driveway and into the garage with more torque than my SUV is built to absorb.  I turn off the ignition and immediately start barking out orders to my children for them to unload all of their gear from the school day. While they are gathering up their belongings (none of which seem to be actual schoolwork-related), I decide to explosively sprint to the mailbox to get the mail.  I am a firm believer in the Every Step Matters campaign, which is why I tend to walk/sprint at every chance that presents itself.  I make it to the mailbox in record-breaking time and lookee lookee what has just arrived … Yes, that ponderous Restoration Hardware Catalog has made its way into my mailbox. I am not condoning this parcel nor do I hate receiving it.  Honestly, I look forward to it for one very good reason (besides the Harlow Crystal Chandelier collection) … LUNGES!!  So, next time you receive a bunch of heavy catalogs in the mail, get to stepping or try my RH Driveway Circuit because #EveryStepMatters.

RH Driveway Circuit

  • Explosive sprint to your mailbox
  • 10 lunges down your driveway, catalog in hand across your chest
  • 10 lunges back up your driveway, now holding your arms above your head while holding that RH-Catalog with both hands.

Repeat 6x

  • Walk back down the driveway into your home to finish.