Better than a chip is right!

“These are un-BEET-lievable,” I think to myself as I loudly bite down on this newly discovered chip by Natural Sins.  What can be BEET-ter than a healthy chip for this clean eater? Nothing! These crunchy "un-chips” would satisfy anyone's crunch cravings in a “Reebok Spartan” second. Next time you make my Turkey Burgers, throw a couple of these beet chips on top before you indulge.  Trust me, your waistline will want to send me a thank you note, much like the one I send Bobby Flay for the inspiration to Crunchify (only cleaner than potato chips) my NJAPP Turkey Burgers.

NJAPP Tip: If beets, in general, are too earthy for you then try Natural Sins' other options such as mango or pineapple.  I honestly love them just as much as I love the beet version.  On the NJAPP scale, all the flavors get a big thank you note for tasting Un-BEET-lievably delicious!