Laundry: Mountain v. Mole Hill

It's Monday (i.e. #dontstopjustgo). I drop off The Gooses at school and the moment I walk back through my door, I go into "laundry mode," grabbing every bathroom hand towel, throw blanket and kitchen towel, combing through everyone's bedroom floors, checking under beds, semi-organizing the toy bins while I find random socks and balled-up t-shirts from a fun-filled weekend of free play. I think the boys will use anything as a basketball. I don't know why I'm surprised to find a single, lonely Nike basketball sock between the couch cushions. Why, why, why and how did that even get there? Yup, boys will be boys, I tell myself. There is a feeling of satisfaction when all the dirty clothes are completely gathered and ready to be sorted. I tend to look at that as a completed obstacle, and have to admit, I feel kinda good about myself. I'm one step closer to accomplishing my end goal. As a mom and devoted wife, I find myself always asking fellow women about their view on laundry and getting many of the same responses. Personally, I've found that if I wash and fold at least 1-2 loads of laundry daily, I will reach my goal by Saturday morning. Obviously, everyone has a different view on the subject. I just tend to get overwhelmed when I see that mountain of laundry to wash and fold when I miss even just a day. It can easily turn into the mountain v. mole hill complex, so I try to think of the laundry chore as a challenge that I want to conquer. Sometimes I don't reach my goal, but striving never killed anyone. It just made them strive harder the next day.