Bon Voyage - Not Really

I seem to have misplaced that “handbook” that was given the moment you became a parent. Oh you know, the one that financially breaks down every childrearing decision in the form of one of those boring, financial, stock market graphs. Somehow, my darling husband and I were never given that handbook. Come to think of it, did anyone get one?

Did you know that passports are a tad pricey for a family of 5? I didn't...

1 New passport costs $80 + $25 processing fee

1 New passport for an adult is $110.00 + $25 processing fee if the adult's passport is expired.

For all those people who can do that math in their heads, I admire you. This is how I tally up that passport formula: Passports for 2 adults + 3 children=$$$=VACA cancelled.

Bright side: Seeing our hysterical passport photos led to some inspiring creative writing ideas, with lots of giggles and even tears of laughter running down some people's legs. Every story that my daughter, Elle, came up with all had a common ending: her brothers, Jacob and Jude, were accomplices to a cookie stealing crime that their incredibly #STRONG mother committed.

In the end, maybe getting a hotel room with a fancy tub is better than a vaca where passports are needed.