Get Your Own Food, Kid!

Most mornings I feel like a viking who just came back from war and hasn’t eaten in days, which can be a good and a bad thing. Good, because it means I finally fixed my metabolism, and bad because I’m yelling “I want to eat NOW” in my Veruca Salt voice (for all you Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans) while I’m impatiently cooking my eggs or warming up my meal prep breakfast. 

Inevitably, as soon as I sit down to eat my food, my boys, who have usually already eaten their own breakfast, appear hovering and sniffing. “Mom, that smells really good!” For those of you who are not moms, that is code for, “Can I have some?” I used to want to snap at Jacob or Jude and say, “Get your own food, kid!” But that was before I came up with this "guilt-free" omelet recipe

Why did I name this dish “guilt-free”, you ask? Well, because I pride myself on making my kids’ breakfast instead of shoving something pre-packaged down their throats every morning. Knowing that my children are not eating empty calories for breakfast makes me feel like I am earning my “mommy stripes”. And with this recipe, I don’t have to be guilted into slaving over a hot stove every morning to be a good mom. Having this simple, healthy breakfast option readily available is a must for any busy mom. It will put hangry viking mom to rest and allow nice mommy to say, “Help yourself my love, there is more in the fridge."