1. the warmest season of the year


1. spend the summer in a particular place

It may be silly but I sometimes pretend that I have been asked to be on someone's talk show. Actually, there are times I catch myself answering questions in my head, especially in present tense (Strong Cast Joke). I feel like it is completely normal, because I am just preparing myself for that one big moment when I may be on someone's talk show talking about my cookbook.  Let us just pray that it is not the couch in my pastor's office where I am being asked to talk about how I feel about my failed dreams.  Anyways ... in my dreams, Jimmy Fallon is interviewing me on his Late Night Show and he asks me to give the viewers a sneak peek into my life and how I am planning to enjoy my #SUMMER. Here is how I would answer him, but of course, it would be right after I have taken a sip from my “guest beverage mug” that is labeled Not Just a Pretty Plate

  1. A beach hat that makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn during her Derby Scene.

  2. Eating on our deck as much as possible in honor of my mother-in-law.

  3. Family time with no specific bedtime.

  4. Children catching lightning bugs in the back yard.

  5. Sand +Ocean+Barefeet = Summer Smiles Jersey Strong