Since I’ve been a little girl, vintage kitchen tools have always piqued my curiosity.  Besides their display-worthy aesthetic, each one seems to be associated with a well-known family tale or timeless memory. If you have been keeping up with NJAPP, you should be familiar with my love of cherries, but shockingly, NJAPP did not own a cherry pitter until just last week. As the gooses and I were about to leave my mom’s house after our weekly visit, my mom handed me her cherry pitter.  My mom explained to me how much use she gets out of this tool (she’s now in the market for an industrial strength version) when my three children devour her pitted cherries by the bunch whenever they come to visit.  My mother knew that it was time for me to upgrade my pitting technique, which consisted of slicing off perfectly symmetrical ends for the children,  after which mommy pops the remains into her mouth, sucks out the best antioxidants and then spits (in the most ladylike fashion) out the pit.  It’s difficult to explain exactly how much I cherished this “cherry pitter exchange” moment but, in short, this “Just Because” gift (1) adds to my collection of generational kitchen tools and (2) my cherry pitting efforts just got 1000% times easier!  Next time a family member asks you to take an “old” utensil off their hands, don’t miss the chance to add another family tradition or at least a family tale to your collection.