Save the Bees

Autumn is starting to show her colors and it's about that time to mark your calendars for apple picking, which just happens to be one of my truly favorite fall activities.  The only downside (barely) to this wonderful seasonal activity could be those buzzing bees. For all of you bee-phobics out there, I kindly urge you to resist the temptation to swat these little soldiers of pollination. Yes, I know they can be somewhat annoying (or even terrifying with those stingers) with all their buzzing and swarming when you are trying to pick your apples or eat your cider donut.  But, if you must swat, please swat with caution or at least without the intention to exterminate. Our plants need these little pollinators to perpetuate the circle of life, which is very difficult to do if the bees cease to exist!  Keep Calm and Save the Bees.  

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Q: Why did the bee get married?

A: Because he found his honey

NJAPP supports the local bees. Follow the buzzz to my recipe section and click on BEEautiful Fries to see what I do with bee pollen + potatoes.