I may just need to put a lock on my pantry door in order to keep me from devouring the latest item that has quickly taken up permanent residence in NJAPP's kitchen.  I simply cannot get enough of these sort of crunchy, but sorta chewy, naturally sweet fruit clusters with a texture that falls somewhere between a dried fig and golden plump raisin.  The only thing wrong with these clean-eating clusters of heaven is my failure to procure a super-sized version of the package! I think singing the following lyrics will quickly put you in tune with my latest dried-fruit snack obsession. Cue piano.....

🎶Here we go round the mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush,
The mulberry bush.
Here we go round the mulberry bush
So early in the morning.

This is the way we prep our snacks,
Prep our snacks.
Prep our snacks.
This is the way we prep our snacks
So early in the morning.

I may have altered a verse or two of this childhood nursery rhyme favorite, but I think we all know where I was going with that one. If you guessed mulberries, you are correct.

So next time you're at the food store, hum or skip your way to the dried fruit aisle and pick up a bag of these dried mulberries. You may even find yourself making up a verse to that childhood nursery rhyme while checking out.  Cue piano one more time....

🎵This is the way we make our shake
Make our shake
Make our shake
This is the we make our shake
By adding mulberries to the top!

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