1. Unplugging your mind from all outlets of your social media world. Taking a break from regularly updating a website or web page, taking an extended leave of absence to enjoy oneself, family and the outdoors all while enjoying any form of recreation, especially one spent away from your home or in traveling.


  1. take a blogcation often

  2. I will be taking a blogcation here and there during the winter months

  3. Taking a blogcation is a must in this saturated social media

  4. To live a balanced life you must schedule a blogcation 2-3 times a year

In the form of a sentence

NJAPP is taking a winter-blogcation, so I will see you some time in the new year! My Life-Break will be spent throwing a snowball or two, reading my bible, sitting on my darling husband's lap, sipping some homemade hot cocoa, putting together our annual winter puzzle with my children, getting my palette a little dirty while balancing my clean eating lifestyle. Moms set the tone in the house and I am setting one right now.