2017 NJAPP Approved Hostess Gifts (that are sure to get you invited back)

  1. Body Cream: Choose a minimalist body cream that is different than your Hostess' every day go to. Try my favorite body souffel from MoroccanOil. 

  2. Custom Hot Cocoa: I recommend making your own blend. My daughter made her own cocoa for a school project and the end result was delicious and easy.  Click here for her her recipe.  Make sure you don't forget to add some home made marshmallows from Raymond's to your hot cocoa gift.

  3. Gift Card/Certificate:  The hostess deserves a little TLC after all that party planning.  A pre-paid manicure or pedicure is always a nice way to say thank you. Add a magazine for her to browse through during her pampering. The newest Non-Toxic trending nail salon in NYC, Cote. What girl wouldn't love a new hot spot to go with friends and get your nails done. 

  4. Olive Oil:  Sometimes wine may just get too complicated, but I have never heard of anyone turning down a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil.   

  5. Monogrammed Stationery: Check out Paper Culture’s monogrammed stationery selection. Plus they plant a tree with every purchase!

  6. Post-Party Breakfast:  You can put together a little box filled with some specialty breakfast items such as specialty coffee or tea, scones, donuts, a complimentary piece of fruit and a jar of fresh honey from Abama's Farm is always a good idea. 

  7. Thank You Note:  A simple thank you at the beginning of the night says that you already know a wonderful time awaits.  Top off the note a with a sweet treat from Sugarfina

  8. Guys like gifts too: If you are looking for a male host gift ,may I suggest the Exotic Meats Crate by Man Crates. Guy or girl I think this gift ROCKS!  

NJAPP Pro Tip: If you are unable to grab that gift before the party, have no fear because NJAPP is here.  Simply send flowers the next day to thank your hostess for a lovely evening. You can even go one step further on this one if you really want to WOW your recipient. All you have to do is look around and maybe ask a few questions during the gathering. Paying attention to detail can go a long way. Especially when you find out your hostess loves white calla lilies. Sending a arrangement of those specific flowers will definitely secure you a place on the next party guest list. Trust me, a hostess knows when people pay attention to detail.