Eat the Rainbow

You will need:

  1. Red: Strawberries

  2. Orange: Cantaloupe

  3. Yellow: Mangos

  4. Green: Green Grapes

  5. Blue: Blueberries*

  6. Purple: Purple Grapes

  7. Marshmallows

  8. Gold Chocolate Coins

  9. Lucky Charms Cereal

Wash and cut your fruit.

Assemble them in “Rainbow” color order on a serving platter.

Add your marshmallows & chocolate coins to finish off your rainbow.

Serve alongside a bowl of Lucky Charms. Sometimes a little “Red Dye #40” is magically delicious (Wink Wink).

NJAPP Pro-Tip: Save some of your extra fruit for your 3 day meal prep snacks. You can also store some of the extra fruit in freezable baggies for easy smoothie prep too!  You don't need “Luck” to take care of yourself, you just have to know you are #WORTHIT to do so.

*Unfortunately, my gooses are not big fans of blueberries. I ended up leaving the blueberries out of the Rainbow to make everyone happy.