NJAPP-Guest Contributor: Mary Wallis

CNBC’s Celebrity Makeup Artist Mary Wallis takes a break from her colorful, fast paced life to talk to NJAPP about sweat and you guessed it… “MakeUp”.

NJAPP Before we talk you must unzip your cosmetics bag and tell me what amazing products you use.

MW Laura Mercier Oil Free tinted moisturizer ($44), Cargo Blush in Catalina ($26), Murad Acne Treatment Concealer ($21), Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara ($5.89),  NYX Gel Liner ($8.99) and The Honest Company Truly Kissable Lip Crayon ($18).

NJAPP Tell me a little bit about this phase of your life right and where “fitness” comes in. And Is there anything you battle with?

MW As a working Mom to a beautiful 20 month old girl, I found working out to be the last thing on my to-do list. My day consists of waking up at 4am, driving into the city for a major news station as a makeup artist, back over the GWB to make it home by 11am to start my favorite job (which is being a mom). All while I manage my own wedding makeup business which is 24 hrs a day.

As for “working out” I love my morning and afternoons with my daughter. Her nap time at this stage has been around 2pm, which I then go do my workout or sit on the couch and slowly talk myself out of it (haha).  Tomorrow I will begin my workout!  Consistency has always been my battle. At times I will work out 4-5 days a week, and then there are seasons when it almost seems non-existent. I have learned not to get down on myself, but move forward and click the reset button. I find when I work out and eat right, my mood and energy increases and I am a better mother as well!

NJAPP Do you have a makeup regimen for working out or is makeup a no-no at the gym?

MW My makeup regimen for working out, is no makeup on the skin. Whether heading to the gym or working out in my basement after work, I always take a makeup remover wipe and remove my face makeup, while leaving mascara and eyeliner on.  Wearing makeup to the gym is a somewhat controversial topic of discussion. While some women want to look their best, wearing makeup is not the most practical thing to do.  Depending how hard the workout is, you will be sweating. Makeup will melt away and become smudgy as well as potentially clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

NJAPP What product(s) would you advise your clients to use if they needed or wanted to wear makeup while working out?


1.  Use an oil-free tinted moisturizer and a powder blush: If you have a blemish to conceal, use spot concealer only.  Make sure to use salicylic acid on blemishes to heal at the same time. Do not let dirt, sweat settle into your pores. Wash your face right away.

2.  Waterproof mascara: There is nothing worse than seeing yourself in the mirror post workout with raccoon eyes!

3.  Waterproof eyeliner: A waterproof pencil or gel liner will work great and will not smudge at all.

4.  Lip tints:  Use lip tints instead of lip-gloss. Gloss will get sticky and depending on the hair situation, may get caught in the hair.

NJAPP  What advice would you like to leave my NJAPP readers.

MW Regardless of what outlook you have and how you want to look at the gym, remember to be confident in who you are. There is not another you in the world.