NJAPP's Favorite "Bean"


The signs of spring are everywhere, from pretty little crocuses that faithfully pop up every year to the slightly warmer rays of sunshine that seem to be lasting a little longer each day. My home is filled with decorative bunnies (which seem to be multiplying like real bunnies), vintage milk-glass vases with fresh cut white tulips, and green moss balls tucked into various corners of various rooms.  My home looks like a woodland fantasy land fit for magical little pixies or fairies. Along with adorable decorations, this month is filled with many beautiful traditions that my gooses and I love to do together. One of our traditions is watching the movie “Hop” as a family. My favorite scene in that movie is when E.B. poops jelly beans and Sam O’Hare (Kaley Cuoco) eats them without batting an eye. As I watch Sam eat those yummy jelly beans I find my myself salivating causing this clean eater’s self-control hop right out of the window. I wish I could say that NJAPP’s tastebuds did not crave those yummy little pieces of candy but they do (I am only human. Well, sort of...). I have found that not restricting myself while maintaining a consistent clean eating lifestyle has kept this mom on track. Today I am sharing 3 ways that I have kept from overindulging on jelly beans for the last few years.

  1. Out of Site: I have given my Vintage Jelly Bean Jar a new location. I am always in the kitchen cooking, and I would stare at that jar of jelly beans that was sitting on my kitchen counter all day long. I am not going to lie but I would take a couple jelly beans samples throughout the day, and by the end of the day I would have consumed far too many calories than one should have consumed in one day for a sweet treat. Now I keep my vintage Jelly Bean Jar downstairs in the family room where I rarely go until evening and by that time it’s just too late to eat them.  

  2. Limit yourself: I limit my jellybean purchase to a one time purchase. This is difficult but it works. I only purchase 1 small container of my favorite jelly beans for the entire month. This way they have to last me the whole month. This forces me to only snack on them when I really want some.  When the month is over into the ground they go (literally). DYK that Jelly beans are lollipop seeds (wink wink). My kids and I plant the jellybeans because “April showers bring May flowers”.

  3. NO GMO’s: Finally I stopped eating those GMO filled jelly beans. May I suggest If you are going to eat candy at least make sure you can pronounce the ingredients.  “Candy is still candy but too much Red Dye #40 is not good for you.”  

NJAPP TIP:  Remember change is good and just because you may have grown up eating a specific jelly bean brand doesn't mean you cannot expand your tastebud horizons. Marich’s Natural Green “Beans” are NJAPP’s favorite “Bean” of all time. If reading ingredients like turmeric and saffron scare you, may I suggest closing your eyes and just start chewing.  You can hippity hop over to your local Whole Foods or you can just order them online. Either way you have to try them or plant them (see #2).