2017 Summer Must-Haves


Sunshine is the best medicine!

5 Summer Must-Haves 

  1. Thank You Notes: Summer can seem like one big party, and relaxing seems to be at the top of everyone's summer buket list. Hopping from BBQ to BBQ may keep you busy, but let us not be to busy to send that thank you note to the host of those BBQ's. Handwritten Thank You notes are slowly becoming a lost art in the world today. Moms, I encourage you to teach your children when and how to write a proper thank you note. Along with addressing the envelope too. Trust me these millennials have no idea the power of a handwritten "Thank You" note.
  2. Sandals: My summer go-to shoe tends to be a Sixties-inspired Tory Burch leather Gigi Flat Sandal. It works with everything from jeans to dresses and more.
  3. Foot Spray: I know it may be unladylike to talk about sweaty stinky feet at the dinner table, but proper foot hygiene is extremely important to me. Especially, since I ran a podiatry office for 10+ years. 
  4. Summer Salad: The ultimate summer "What can I bring?" question can be answered right here. Check out NJAPP's Summer Salad recipe that will keep your summer healthy path. 
  5. A Fabulous Nude Lipstick: I think that description says it all. Personally, a nude lip with a few strokes of mascara and a sun kissed face is all the makeup a girl needs for the Summer. I am definitely looking forward to my first nude summer listick application.