Bloomingdales + NJAPP

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Here is my #TBT to that time NJAPP partnered up with JNA Fitness and Bloomingdale's for their "Get Fit" event last May. Talk about dreams coming true, cooking in Bloomingdales in their test kitchen was definitely one of mine growing up. There were so many many memorable moments in that day from fans coming out to meet me, to NJAPP hosting their 1st Giveaway contest all while cooking in the kitchen at Bloomingdale’s in their Housewares department. NJAPP was given the opportunity not just to make one of my recipes but to engage with curious consumers while talking about the importance of meal prepping, healthy choices and being mentally strong. Bloomingdale's didn't disappoint me at all, and neither did my NJAPP Power Bites. Those satisfying pop in your mouth protein bites were a hit and people kept coming back for “just one or two more”. I was even able to inspire women how I turned my insecurities into strengths on NBC's reality show, "Strong". All good things must come to an end and I cannot forget to say  “Thank you” to all my family and friends who came out to taste, watch, & support me on that day. Life does goes by fast but when you have your loved ones surrounding you it helps make these happy moments last forever.


NJAPP PRO TIP: Next time you you have to run to the mall make sure you make a couple of these NJAPP Protein Bites and bring them with you in a little ziplock bag, Trust me, they will keep you powered up and ready to shop all day long!





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