Gobble without the Wobble

This photo right here☝︎ is 42 & Happy!

This photo right here☝︎ is 42 & Happy!

3 Ways to Gobble without the Extra Holiday Wobble


  1. DRINK

    During the fall and winter months I keep a case of water in my car so that I have NO excuses for not staying hydrated. Grab, Go & Guzzle is my bridge to the New Year.

  2. K.I.S.S.

    Breakfast is a must for me! Seriously, who doesn’t wake up hungry (actually if don’t wake up hungry you probably ate too much last night)? I can (and pretty much do) eat eggs, turkey bacon and a veggie for breakfast everyday, but come November I like to “K.I.S.S.” a whole lot more (wink wink) and by that i mean, Keep It Simple Stupid! My breakfast prep loses priority this time of year so I KISS till the ball drops on NYE. Check out my KISS shake recipe that keeps my wobble tight & right!

    My NJAPP💋KISS Shake Recipe includes a plant based, dairy-free liquid, protein powder and a small piece of fruit. CLICK HERE for recipe.


    Make several “To-Do” lists and cross items off daily. Winning with your weight sometimes takes multiple “To-Do” lists. (Overly simplistic, printable To-Do list format below for your convenience)

NJAPP BONUS TIP: Park and walk for that extra gobble! Sneaking in that extra 10-15 minute speed walk pre-errand, several times a day can really keep your wobble tight. Moms: Don’t forget you can even get that extra 10-15 minute walk around the whole foods or school parking lot too!