NJAPP Guest Contributor Christine Lawrence


NJAPP: Hey hey...Thank you for taking the time to share with my NJAPP readers on how we first met. Actually, do you even remember? 

Christine Lawrence: AKA @Mermaid_at_Heart1991  ALL IT TOOK WAS 1 BUSINESS CARD…

NJAPP: STOP-You are so sweet! I remember that day too. You helped me at The Gap, In Ridgewood. You were so pleasant and so easy to talk too. We just started chatting about life and food while you were helping me with some clothes. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

CL: My name is Christine Lawrence, I am a 26 year old that has that been struggling with my weight ever since I was 18. Always been self conscious about my body, but did nothing about my nutrition to change that.

NJAPP: Tell me a little more about how NJAPP motivated you and why making good-healthy choices has set you up for continual health-success.  

CL: Before meeting Giovanna, I was progressing in my exercise and was going 6-7 times a week. With my working out getting more intense my nutrition was poor. With my “busy schedule”, some days I was only getting in 700 calories, other days getting more than 2,500 calories. During this time I lost 30 pounds, I was very proud of myself of getting to this point. Even though I lost this weight, the poor nutrition was giving me fatigue and was making me a very cranky person most of the time.

NJAPP: WOW! congrats on staying motivated and realizing that healthy nutrition goes hand in hand when trying to stay healthy. You told me that this blog helped you. Tell me more because most days I feel like no one even reads or cares about this blog? 

CL: After meeting (you) Giovanna (for a short 10 minutes), and going to this (your) blog. I learned about the proper amount of food and calories to eat throughout the day. Now I am more motivated than ever to get into and stay in a healthy lifestyle mindset.

NJAPP: I think you just made me tear up girl and your excitement is contagious! I love that I just want to stop interviewing you and do some jump squats. If you were asked to write motivational fitness cards what would your cards say?

CL: Here’s to:

·      No more excuses

·      No more being lazy

·      All negativity turn into motivation

·      Start to be accountable for my own actions

·      Stay strong and focused on my life goal

·      To being my best self

·      Trust the process


NJAPP: Please dish your favorite "plates" to prep

CL: Steak with peppers and onions, Apple Cider turkey burgers & Salmon with roasted vegetables 

NJAPP: WOW-you just made me hungry. Thank you for sharing a piece of you and how it only takes 1 person to strengthen another. I am so proud of your outlook and the new respect that you have found for your strong and healthy body. STAY HEALTHY!