Fueling Up at ECB (East Coast Burger)

East Coast Burger 

East Coast Burger 

Healthy Ordering at ECB in Ridgewood 

NJAPP enjoys bringing you fabulous food news so here is a little encouraging menu item for you to reflect upon should you find yourself in the midst of a sudden burger craving.  

The turkey burger at ECB in Ridgewood is always on point in regard to healthy options that are also satisfyingly delicious.  I know how tempting in can be to bite into those velvety cheese covered french fries and that butter brushed cloud like hamburger bun, but there is more to the menu than just a tastebud satisfying (but a waistline sabotaging) cheese burger.  There are a couple of super healthy salads with multiple protein options like their Crunchy Asian Salad and their Ahi Tuna Asian Salad. I would just order their dressing on the side so that you can control how many dressing calories you consume. 

Naked Turkey Burger at ECB

  • NJAPP's ECB Order: Naked (no bun) Turkey burger, green chillies, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and pickles with secret sauce.  and no SAUCE. $11.04