NJAPP Guest Contributor: My Sissy AKA "Lemon"


NJAPP: I would like to thank you, Antoinette Marie Gallipoli, for taking the time to answer some questions for your trendy-simple sister. I would love for my readers to get to know my trendy-kool sister who how can style like no other and who shares the love of yummy food and fitness like me. Now, let's jump right in!

AMG: Um, Okay and how long is this going to take? JK....I love you, "Lemon-Drop" 

NJAPP: How would you describe your style? 

AMG: Rocker-Chic

NJAPP: What are your MUST-HAVE Spring essentials?

AMG: Distressed white jeans (but ones meant for curvy hourglass shaped women), a white-T or bodysuit, clear pumps, lipgloss, hoops or bangles, but my #1 Spring must-have is this fun Moto style jacket by Blank NYC (available at Bloomingdales). The dusty rose option is the perfect Spring shade.  Well, if Spring ever shows up. 

NJAPP: You mentioned that your jeans are for "curvy" shaped girls. Is there a particular brand you love?

AMG: I am a woman with beautiful curves and I have learned to embrace them by wearing jeans that compliment my body. I happen to love the Fashion Nova Jeans, they are affordable and designed for curvy ladies such as myself. 

NJAPP:  So, being your sister I happen to know that you have a love of tacos.  So what would your typical Taco Tuesday dinner date outfit consist of? 

AMG: Are you for really asking me this question? 

NJAPP: Yes, just answer it! I am trying to interview you (ok maybe i was trying to segway to food!). See this is why working with family is so darn hard. 

AMG: YASSSSS, I love tacos, tacos are my life!

NJAPP: Hard or soft shell?

AMG: Hard 

NJAPP: Do you do taco toppings? and if so, what are your taco toppings must haves?

AMG: Black olives, lettuce & guacamole 

NJAPP: What is your favorite taco restaurant?

AMG: La Esquina in NYC

NJAPP: Please tell my readers what you do? 

AMG: I am a stylist, and I manage the store Envy in Montclair, NJ. Oh and a professional Taco-Taster (wink wink)

NJAPP: Thank you my favorite sissy for answering (tolerating) my questions. Love you more than fennel-xoxo 

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