2018 Summer-Top 5 List

NJAPP's Top 5 Summer List

1. Beauty

  • A royal, refreshing, cruelty free shower bath & moisturizer is a must for my summer bath & beauty regime. Especially, since I have loved "Elderflower" far before the Duchess of Sussex used it in her wedding cake to Prince Harry. Next time you are shopping click this item and add it to your Amazon Shopping cart. If you haven't tried this lotion from Casswell-Massey, I strongly urge you try it and stock up. The Cucumber-Ederflower body lotion is a fav of mine and now this scent will forever remind me of the 2018 Royal Wedding. 

2. Old Fashion Fun

  • In honor of the old film, "The Rookie"; Darling (my husband, Louis) and I will be taking our gooses to experience some good old fashion baseball fun. Who doesn't love a crowd rallying mascot and stepping on empty peanut shells as you are trying to locate your seat. This summer kick off experience will take place watching a minor league baseball game. Get your tickets here: Rockland Bolders play at the Palisades Credit Union Park in Pamona , NY.

3. Sweet Treat

  • What is summer without ice cream, tacos & donuts-right? This summer The Gooses and I will be checking out this sweet spot in Redbank, New Jersey. Apparently, their dessert tacos & cream filled donuts are what the local's order. I think Luigi's Ice Cream will be our new location for #TacoTuesday !

4. Good Eats 

  • I may not be spending my summer vacationing in the Greek Islands, but I will definitely be enjoying those old world classics, in a 21st century way at Dill MED Grill in the Hudson Valley, NY. Did someone say, "Road Trip?"  Follow me this summer as I post fun, healthy places to Eat Smart & Love Life. 

5. Apparel

  • A summer clothing staple like Madewell's Pull-On Shorts are now my ultimate summer favorite slip on shorts. They make you look & feel AMAZING whenever the occasion is for wearing them. You may even want to purchase a pair and going a size up for that comfy feel. These are great slip-on summer shorts that are true size with great color options.