Not Just a Pretty Plate + Delivery (NJAPP+D) Delivery is a NON-GMO, organic, natural and farm fresh boutique meal delivery company. Our consumption path follows "clean eating" lifestyle closely. Each meal is made with love by myself and the NJAPP team. NJAPP+D just doesn't deliver healthy pretty food. NJAPP delivers a healthy lifestyle experience which a metamorphose slowly starts to take place and you realize your self worth by delivering The Not Just a Pretty Experience one delivery at a time.  (IDK- I think there is something there-but helpppppp)

NJAPP believes that what you see in your reflection should be nothing but amazement and strength not insecurities and weakness. While waking up everyday can be a struggle at times eating healthy should not be. NJAPP+D is much more than a meal prep delivery services. NJAPP+D delivers motivation and inspiration right to your frontdoor.  If you have tried to get healthy and have failed it is ok. We all need to start somewhere and why not start NOW. Let us help you change your thinking and why not start taking charge of what we put in our beautiful strong body and let NJAPP+D do that for you. Our fresh meals, are prepared with pretty loving hands, using the healthiest, in season and most nourishing ingredients.  NJAPP follows the path of clean eating and our definition of Clean Eating is: Raw ingredients, naturally occurring, perfected by human hands via the art of refinement, the end product flawless, eternal and enjoyed much like a diamond. NJAPP would like to welcome you to the NJAPP+D experience of realizing your self worth very much like a flawless diamond.