Cruzin' with Chestnuts


Step 1

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees F. 

Step 2

Cut an "X" shape into the flat side of each chestnut. Use a sharp knife to do this and please be careful! 

Step 3

Place the chestnuts on a lined baking sheet.  

Step 4

Hand sprinkle a little drizzle of tap water over your chestnuts (I call this technique "the Cruz way" - thanks girls!)

Step 5

Lightly sprinkle some sea or kosher salt over the prepared chestnuts

Step 6

Roast the chestnuts for 20-30 minutes (I would start tasting their readiness at 20 minutes. You will know when the chestnuts are fully cooked when they are no longer firm and easy to bite into).

Step 7

Peel and enjoy! (but be careful while peeling as your chestnuts will be extremely hot)

NJAPP Pro Tip: Chestnuts can be roasted over an open fire, boiled in hot water, baked in an oven or you can even consume these babies raw. Yes, you read that correctly! Hard core Chestnut lovers even eat their chestnuts raw when the cravings are too intense. Only few have the raw bragging rights and you know who you are (wink wink). If you want to be part of Not Just a Pretty Plate’s Raw Chestnut Consumers Club, tag me in your IG post and I will add you to the NJAPP RCCC.