Not Your Granny's Brussel Sprouts


  • 1 -2 Pints of Brussel Sprouts (trimmed and thinly sliced)
  • 2-3 Cloves of Garlic (roughly chopped or minced)
  • 1/2 of a Sliced or Diced Yellow Onion
  • 1 Cup of Chopped, Pitted Medjool Dates
  • 2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil (or whichever oil you prefer)
  • Coarse Salt and Ground Pepper to Taste
  • 1/4 Cup of Chopped (NO SALT), Shelled Pistachios
  • A Few Drops of Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Splash of White Wine (I use Santa Margarita)

Step 1

Add oil to the pan and heat over medium heat.

Step 2

Add garlic and onion, and cook, stirring often, until soft but not browned, reducing heat if necessary (about 4 minutes). 

Step 3

Stir in your pistachios, dates, salt and pepper. Increase heat to medium-high.

Step 4

Add the Brussel sprouts and cook, tossing or stirring occasionally, until tender and warmed through, about 3 minutes. Make sure you do not over cook, leaving the Brussel sprouts a little crunchy will be good, especially if you are planning on re-heating them.

Step 5

Just when you think your Brussel sprouts mixture is about done, add your acid friend Lemon Juice or White Wine ... just a little bit though. Too much will totally be a buzz kill to your Brussel sprouts party. And trust me, these brussel sprouts are trying to improve their reputation. #SAVETHESPROUTS

Store in a glass container for 1-3 days.