Meet Your Good CARB Friends: Cauliflower & Broccoli


  • 1-2 Heads of Cauliflower or Broccoli
  • Coarse Salt
  • Ground Pepper
  • Organic Garlic Powder
  • Organic Onion Powder
  • EVOO (optional)
  • 1-2 Peeled Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Pot of Boiling Hot Water
  • Fresh Lemon Juice

Step 1

Fill a medium pot with water, add your garlic cloves and bring to a boil.

Step 2

Place the trimmed cauliflower/broccoli into the salted boiling water. Simmer until fork-tender, about 3-5 minutes.

Step 3

Take the cauliflower/broccoli off the stove. Pour the contents into a colander that is placed in your clean sink. Place a clean hand towel over your colander. This will allow your cauliflower/broccoli to complete the cooking process. 

Step 4

Cut the cauliflower/broccoli into desired pieces and place in a glass mixing bowl. Set 1-2 servings aside. Drizzle 1-2 tbsp of EVOO over your "Good Carb" veggies. Sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder to taste. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the top. Toss and enjoy or store for later.

Pro Tip: Once your Good Carb friends are cooked and steamed, store some un-seasoned cauliflower or broccoli for your on-the-go snacks. You can eat them with some hummus, avocado, egg whites or a cooked chicken thigh.